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Tailormade Solutions

Even though ST Plast have a large selection of universal packaging, it doesn't necessarily mean that we have one which matches your needs. We have large experience in developing tailormade packaging specific for the customers needs. Our experience reaches into many different industries and we are able til advise you as well. Our sales & design team stands ready to help so that you can get the packaging solution you need. 



The packaging is a part, and often an important part, of the processes surrounding the manufacturing and finishing of the food, and other, products. Development or further development of different packaging solutions and handling those solutions, is something ST PLAST are dealing with on a daily basis. In the light of our experiences along with our great knowledge within many different industries, we are able to offer assistance in the form of either counselling, as a bystander or as a direct supplier of either products, equipment or contacts.



Customer specific solutions are, and always have been, one of the larger cornerstones in the history of ST PLAST. Back in 1991 we started by substituting an injection moulded tray for cress with a thermoformed hinged lid which also contained a sowing tray in which the cress was growing. Since then it has come to include special packaging for cream balls, trays for cookies in which the cookies where supposed to stand in a row without the cookies were falling out. Lately we have been involved in the development of module trays for the creation of green roofs for the rooftops around the city. Our skills are, along with our technical insight and understanding, making sure that we constantly take part in creating new, optimised and functional customer specific solutions.



When a new product is being developed, the packaging often plays a part in the process. It is not just a piece of plastic which contains a product. The packaging can be a part the product manufacturing process, the transportation through the process, the storing and finally it can be part of the value in the final product when it is put on display in the supermarket. To secure our part of this value chain, we always look at the issue at hand based on the customers’ processes, wishes and needs. We are always available for assistance in product development assignments so that we together may be able to find the right solution.



  • Quick problem analysis
  • Plastic and material skills
  • Wide process knowledge from different industries
  • Design and construction in-house along with 3D drawings
    • 3D Printed models
    • Functional samples
  • Test series production (Samples for production)
    • Samples usable for production
    • Small-scale production
  • Large-scale production 


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