ST PLAST was founded in 1991 based on a simple idea, to deliver better packaging and at the same time use less raw material, than other suppliers, to get the job done. 

This idea was the start of ST PLAST, whom today develops and produces plastic packaging which are being used in fully automated machinery in large parts of the food industry, along with some other industries, in Northern Europe.

We have a constant need of acquiring more space, both for production and for storage. In 2007, after having had several minor expansions made to our previous location, we decided to move to our current headquarter on Falkevej in Esbjerg. With the move, we were finally able to solve our issues with space, but it also gave us the opportunity to organize a modern and rational production, which later has led to us being certified under FSSC 22000.

With this as a basis, our modern machine park produces its quality products with high efficiency and we deliver plastic packaging for both cookies, cream puffs, potatoes and other greens etc., along with more technical products such as transportation stands and sales displays.


At our headquarters on Falkevej in Esbjerg, Denmark, we have 13.000 m2 of indoor space which consists of both production as well as warehouse and administrational offices. Since the beginning, May 1991, where ST PLAST began with only one thermoforming machine, is it today a fully automated machine park with nine thermoform machines running production. The production itself is organized so that food safety, energy efficiency and both environmental as well as-work environmental cares are prioritized as an absolute parameter for success.    

The work environment is ergonomic and our lines produces with very high efficiency. Custom made equipment has been developed, to help secure high quality products – every time.

Real waste is almost non-existent in our production, and the raw materials that doesn’t end up as a part of our products, is processed and recycled so that the resources in our noble raw materials are preserved. 

To ensure maximum exploitation of our machines, the production is running 24 hours a day Monday through Friday and our dedicated team of technicians seek to make sure that the machines are serviced, maintained and updated so that we avoid unintended downtime.

All registry on the factory is controlled via barcodes, to make sure we are always up to date when it comes to order statuses, consumption and inventory along with statistics on our different products.


At ST PLAST we strive to become the preferable choice in the market when it comes to development of packaging solutions. Likewise, the solutions help to create higher degrees of competitiveness for our clients. It is also our aim that our packaging solutions helps to create positive experiences with the consumers concerning their use of it in practice. 

We want to pick the right materials, both for the customer and for the consumer, we want to develop innovative packaging solutions, take part in process optimization with our customers and produce more efficiently than our competitors. 

We want to be market leaders within the customer segments we choose and our packaging must be produced in a good and safe work environment and constantly with food safety preparations as the most important parameter.  



ST PLAST's know-how has been built up and developed over more than 30 years, and ranges widely. The expertise includes plastics knowledge, design, process knowledge and insight into many different processes in different industries.

We see it as our task to help our customers find the best solution for their business.


The packaging is a part, and often an important part, of the processes surrounding the manufacturing and finishing of the food, and other, products.


Customer specific solutions are, and have always been, one of the larger cornerstones in the history of ST PLAST.


Based on current processes, wishes and needs, a packaging design is adapted to fit the product and individual needs.

Fast delivery of design proposlas and the possibility of samples from 3D printed sample moulds.

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